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The non-negotiables of contract automation

Tools for managing contracts and contracting processes have existed for decades. Traditional contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems were aimed at digitizing existing processes, while ...
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3 head-smacking ‘Track Changes’ errors when working with contracts

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Word transformed how people create and edit content. However, Word is not always ideal for contract negotiation and multi-party collaboration, especially ...
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3 Hidden Contract Management Economic Factors that Impact Revenue

ontracts govern the flow of an organization’s finances. Whether they are with clients, vendors, employees, or business partners, contract terms determine a great deal about the money coming ...
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Negotiating Contracts in a Digital Age

Contracts and bills of sale have evolved considerably since the days when terms between two parties were laboriously etched in ancient stone and pressed into clay tablets, or written by ...
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The case of the $750 million comma

In the annals of contract drafting blunders, one that stands out prominently is the dispute over whether BP Plc was covered by certain insurance policies for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil ...
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Three Reasons Why to Modernize Your Contract Negotiation Process

Over the past two decades, cloud technologies have completely transformed how we work. Expensive client-server applications such as CRM, ERP, Project Management, Collaboration, and many ...
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How to Add Value and Efficiency to Your Legal Department

CEOs see their in-house counsel as advisors who should support business objectives. Yet legal departments are under increasing pressure to justify their value, increase efficiency and ...
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5 Reasons It’s Risky to Negotiate Contracts by Email

Intellectually, we all know that email security is a problem. After all, earlier this year, it was reported that information from 550 million Yahoo accounts was stolen in 2014. Yet the vast ...
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