The non-negotiables of contract automation

  Tools for managing contracts and contracting processes have existed for decades. Traditional contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems were aimed at digitizing existing processes, while tools like Microsoft Word aimed to digitize physical documents. In the new era of the cloud, AI, and in a business world where speed everything, it’s time to move to... Continue Reading →

3 head-smacking ‘Track Changes’ errors when working with contracts

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Word transformed how people create and edit content. However, Word is not always ideal for contract negotiation and multi-party collaboration, especially when it comes to the use misuse of Track Changes. Even those most proficient in Word have admitted to these "Doh!' mistakes: Remembering to turn on track changes It’s become... Continue Reading →

The case of the $750 million comma

In the annals of contract drafting blunders, one that stands out prominently is the dispute over whether BP Plc was covered by certain insurance policies for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster. The story illuminates what can go wrong with unstructured contract processes. After oil had spewed uncontrollably into the Gulf of Mexico for... Continue Reading →

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